Inauguration of the CUMD – March 16th, 2018

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Structure couverte pour entrée de bâtiment
Creation of a covered entrance in Prolyte structure

Meeting of the French-speaking swiss companies (FER)

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Location de chaises de conférence et congrès avec protection non-feu M1
Rental of upholstered conference chairs with fireproof textile M1

Photo exhibition for 50 years of Manor Geneva

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Panneaux d'exposition blancs avec structure en aluminium pour salons et expositions
Exhibition boards rental

Jewelery exhibition at Gstaad Palace

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Location et vente de vitrines d'exposition en Suisse
Exhibition showcases rental

Luminance supports independent cinema

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Luminance soutien les cinémas indépendants
Purchase of a seat at Cinélux in Geneva

Preview presentation of the latest BMW X3

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Décoration en glace avec incrustation de logo pour soirées d'entreprises
Ice decoration with BMW logo

Partnership 2017

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Luminance is partner of Geneva Palexpo, the Geneva’s Economic and Industry Chamber, and the Geneva’s International Conference Center.

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